Artistic Gleam

Artistic Gleam



Carl Mascarenhas & Jovita Mascarenhas

Eco-styling, has become the patent of Shady Ideas, the organisation that believes in creating a breakthrough in the black & white by redefining recycled and stylish. The lamps designed by Jovita & Carl Mascarenhas promote a new wave of eco-friendliness, which allows for the best of both worlds. Through their design the message sent out to the world is very stylish and at the same time, it’s an effort to help towards the sustainability of the earth. Their lamps are unique, artistic, and swanky. In their words, “Going green never looked so good before”.

Shady Ideas is a brand that creates special lights for special people. The lamps are made through a process where one of the world’s finest handmade paper, known for it’s durability, versatility and translucency is fused with reclaimed acrylic. The final product is a solid piece of art that creates a spectacular lighting effect projecting the internal beauty of the paper and radiating a delicately warm and attractive atmosphere to both domestic and contrast settings. The additional accents of reclaimed wood and MDF not only add to the strength but also to the beauty of each product. Each lamp is finished with an eco-friendly, archival quality sealant that protects the colour and texture of the paper, protecting it from dust and moisture.

Magic Materials behind Shady Ideas:
ACRYLIC: Acrylic or Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) is a transparent thermoplastic, often used as a light or shatter-resistance alternative to glass. Chemically it is the synthetic polymer of methyl methacrylate. Acrylic plastic cannot be easily recycled and it is considered a group 7 plastic among recycled plastic. In landfill, acrylic plastic like many other plastic, are not readily biodegradable. Thus, the only way to recycle acrylic is to reform it into other useful objects. Shady Ideas use these acrylics in the manufacturing of lamps which is post-consumption.

MDF: Medium-density fibreboard(MDF) is an engineered wood product formed by breaking hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, often in a defibrator, which is then combined with wax and resin binder and panels are formed by applying high pressure. MDF are denser than plywood. Compared to mist wood processing industries the quality requirements placed on the forest resource for the production of MDF are far less demanding. Much of the MDF manufactured worldwide utilises waste wood in the form of small logs and branches, wood chips and saw dusts and off-cuts generated in the production and processing of sawing timber and plywood.

HANDMADE PAPER: Handmade paper is made by sifting pulp onto a screen and letting each sheet of paper to dry individually. This time consuming creative process has been used in India, Nepal, Japan, China and Thailand for centuries to produce exceptionally beautiful paper. Handmade paper is delicate, customised and speciality product. It uses non-tree materials, such as cotton waste(from textile industry), onion skin, cotton, banana leaves, hemp, or other plants as it’s main fibre source, to protect forests from getting extinct. Handmade paper possesses many attributes that make it unique in myriad ways compared to anything else.

Shady Ideas is all about promoting sustainability while keeping up-to-date with current trends, styles and techniques. The lighting designs by Shady Ideas push the trends of the industry to the edge, while the recycled raw materials create an awareness of the current global conditions.

About The Designers
Carl Mascarenhas and Jovita Mascarenhas are the Founder and Partner of lighting design studio Shady Ideas. Cool, suave, sophisticated are the words that best explain Carl. Before founding Shady Ideas Carl has tried his hands on corporate gifts and printing. He spends 80% of his time scouring the most valuable essence– the raw material for lamp making and rest 20% he contributes to his dream–product designing.
Jovita is an alumni of Sophia College, Mumbai. She did her Hotel Administration and Food Technology from the Sophia Polytechnic. She is the backbone of the company, always in control and every lamp has to have her approval. She gives creative direction to projects, handles finances and look at the whole working of Shady Ideas.