A Symphony of Design

A Symphony of Design


As a true successor of Czech glass manufacturing, the Prague based brand was founded in 2009 by an entrepreneur Pavel Weiser. The name Verreum comes from a combination of two words influencing each other: “Verre” – glass in French and “Um” –craftsmanship in Czech. As the name suggests, Verreum aims at reviving traditional glass making craftsmanship, focusing on the revival of the unique silvered glass production.

Verreum produces smaller decorative items like vases, bowls, lamps, candlesticks or small furniture pieces and collaborates with both Czech and international designers. For the creation of its products, Verreum seeks highly skilled craftsmen around the glass manufacturing facilities in Nový Bor, Northern Bohemia, the famous production center of Czech glass heritage and revives the unique silvered glass techniques and connects them with the best glass blowing specialists with a mission of sustaining the Bohemian glass making tradition.

Verreum regularly exhibits at Maison et Objet in and Salone del Mobile in Milan next to selected international shows.

BOUGIES RUSSES by Stéphan Lanez (2) The Bougies Russes candle holders are born from the union of old glass coupoles and matriochkas. By adding the candle’s soft light, these glass bells have found a new function. The degrade glass spreads the light with a warm fluttering fog effect. The fun part of the Russians dolls remains when stacking the glass bells.
Material: glass, wood
Colour: opal white gradient, natural wood

Stephan_LanezFranco-Austrian, Stephan Lanez, who graduated from the ENSAD, lives and works in Paris. He practices his talent in the fields of architecture, interior design, art director for Chevalier édition and furniture designer for several brands.


reverso colorBewildered by the choreography of glass blowers in the Novy Bor Verreum manufacture in the Czech Republic, Sacha came up with the Reverso collection.

With a blowing cane, master glass-makers pick melting glass from the crucible to lift it up to the skies. They then sprinkle it with water and steam, and lodge it into a wood and oak cast to blow it into its final shape. This ballet with pure matter inspired him 5 glasses and 3 vases, translucent and silver coated, fun to use in many a different and surprising way.

The vases of this collection are there to be matched or assembled, played with, turned upside down to change into photophores or even glass lanterns when they are not filled with flowers. All the glasses follow the same principle and so the champagne flute, once bottom up, becomes a tumbler while the white wine glass turns into a coffee cup when on its head.

The collection is available in 4 colour duets, according to use and model: smoked silver and translucent glass, golden khaki and cobalt blue, garnet coloured and emerald green, copper-bronze and smoked grey.

Sacha WalchoffSacha Walckhoff, after studying at the School of Barcelona Arts and Fashion Techniques, worked in various Prêt-à-porter fashion houses. In 1992, he met Christian Lacroix and became his artistic consultant. Initially in charge of the Prêt-à-porter lines, he was then appointed Studio Director in 1996 and became the couturier’s right-hand man in 2002, when he created his own company. When the couturier left the House of Christian Lacroix in 2009, Sacha was appointed as Creative Director.


The drops of mercury leaking out of a broken thermometer inspired Arik’s Drops and Orchid collection. His influence candlesticks, which sparkle in dimmed candle light, are perfect adornments to subtly stylish dining tables. Jupiter lantern is like a constellation of stars warped by their hora. The soft forms of the Jupiter collection, one more-elongated than the other complement each other to form a lantern, following the formation of the candle’s flame.

DROPS Cactus Vases Bronze, 2 holes
DROPS Material: silvered glass // Colour: bronze; silver
JUPITER Material: silvered glass, transparent glass // Colour: blue/blue; silver/clear; lime green/red
Arik_LevyArik Levy, an Israeli native, after studying in Switzerland travelled extensively, especially to Japan, whilst honing his craft. He is well-established as an artist, plastician, photographer, designer, director, scenographer. His work is displayed in numerous museums and prestigious galleries worldwide. Having now settled in Paris, the creation of his own studio has allowed him to return to his first loves: art and industrial design.


BRUNO Table Lamps - Group ImageKarim Rashid emphasises the simple beauty of materials by creating Bruno lamp, a well-balanced alliance of light and shine conveyed through a purist design.
Material: glass, silvered glass
Colour: clear base/silver top; opal base/bronze top; clear base/silver top; opal base/bronze top

Karim RashidKarim Rashid, hailing originally from Egypt, studied design at the University of Ottawa, later completing his training in Europe. In 1993, he opened his studio in New York. He holds capacity to work on both high-end projects and “democratic” design initiatives. He was able to bring back to life everyday product brands that were suffering from declining figures, all the while developing other unique and luxurious pieces.