PM asks each Ministry of the Government to focus on ‘Ease of Living’

Addressing the Secretaries of the in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked each department of the to strive to create ‘’ for people as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs.  The Prime Minister said that India’s progress in ‘Ease of Doing ’ should reflect in greater facilitation for small businesses and entrepreneurs and therefore each Ministry of the Government should focus on “.”

The Prime Minister said that the Indian voter has outlined a vision for the next five years, and this is now an opportunity before us. He said that the huge expectations of the people should not be viewed as a challenge, but an opportunity. He said the mandate reflects the will and aspirations of the people to change the status quo, and seek a better life for themselves.

Speaking on the occasion, Cabinet Secretary, PK Sinha mentioned two important tasks for Secretaries of the government.  He asked Secretaries to design a five-year plan document for each Ministry, with well-defined targets and milestones. They were also urged to come up with a significant impactful decision in each Ministry, for which approvals have to be taken within 100 days.

Union Ministers Rajnath Singh,  Amit Shah, Nirmala Sitharaman and Dr. Jitendra Singh, were present on the occasion.

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