Planet 3 studios bags international award

Mumbai based bagged the international award for top in 2014. Projects for this prestigious award are primarily selected with importance being stressed on concept quality of concept, creative effort, aesthetic quality and performance. Thousands of top firms from across the globe vied for the international awards. Kalhan Mattoo Director, Planet 3 studios said that new techniques in regards to parametric and computational design tools have been used for this project. Considering not many world class theatres in India, this is a small but significant step in that direction, he added.

The auditorium is a state of the art design containing 300 seats located in Central Mumbai. Cutting edge work has been done to the element of space with special emphasis given to the same. Considering that sound deserves primacy in hierarchy of considerations. Wave patterns, were simulated within the given structural volume to understand its effect as it travelled through. A technique that allows designers to set performance parameters and the design output comes out of the computer on basis of the set constrains. Multiple forms finding experiments were conducted and studied to understand the effect of each design option on the sound carrying ability of the space. The design is evolved out of multiple simulations.

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