Pergo’s Original Excellence collection

Commercial spaces require the right , that reflects the vision and professionalism yet be able to withstand the heavy traffic. Be it an office, a shopping mall, hospital or a bank, ’s latest collection, Original Excellence (AC-5 Grade) Class 33 is strikingly attractive flooring for and the perfect way to stand out and make people take notice.

Quick and simple to install, you can have a professional and authentic looking floor in next to no time. Pergo’s latest collection,Original Excellence is available in 25 attractive decors and is strikingly attractive flooring from a design point of view. Pergo is recognized around the world as a leading innovator of high quality laminate flooring brand. Pergo first introduced and invented laminate flooring 35 years ago and has been refining its attractive exceptional qualities ever since.

Pergo, the global leaders in laminate flooring continue to add style, quality and durability to floors everywhere, with their latest Original Excellence collection. The decors in this range attract attention through its exclusive flooring. The new range consists of single strip, with different shades of Walnut, Merbau, Oak, also the GenuineTM sawcut, GenuineTM ; GenuineTMrustic surface structure creates an intensive experience of space in your room. Original Excellence Collection is designed for handling high wear public or home areas with very high wear and comes with a lifetime guarantee for residential usage. Commercial warranty is also available on request. With this Original Excellence Collection update to Original Laminate flooring section of Pergo, the installation technique is upgraded to PerfectFoldTM 3.0. Now, one can get Pergo laminate flooring installed at their home or offices 30% faster than before; this is made possible by introducing revolutionary PerfectFold 3.0TM installation technique.

TitanX TM Advanced coating provides Pergo laminate flooring the best wear, scratch, fire resistance in the industry. The Hygienicproperty of Pergo laminate flooring promises its customers the best resistance against bacteria formation. Pergo laminate floors eliminate static electricity as they are Anti-static in nature. Original Excellence is the perfect combination of attractive design and presentation to revamp a place with the finest flooring. Formats available in this range 2050 x 205 x 8 mm, 1200 x 190 x 8 mm, 1200 x 123 x 8 mm.

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