NOTION introduces Brushed & Oiled Oak Collection

For this Diwali, – a premium brand of wooden flooring has introduced “Brushed & Oak Collection” to make your interior beautiful than ever. The latest collection of “Brushed & Oak”, crafted from laminate wooden offers you almost maintenance free flooring for all your needs. It has tough layer made to resist burns, scratches and stains.

laminate2The latest collection is finished by innovative . The protective finish consists of 4 coats of deep penetrating Oil. Oiled flooring feels warm and smooth under your feet; it does not show dents and scratches. Brushed and oiled flooring is very easy to maintain. This collection with 5G lock profile provides you an easy to clean floor and most hygienic floor that is ideal for any active household. With its beautiful designs and patterns, you will surely impress your guests with amazing decors which resemble natural wood and, then to durable and stain resistant flooring. They are available in lots of finishes like Chrome, oiled, silk matt, brushed etc.

According to Akash Saini, Director Sales NOTION, The “Brushed & Oak Collection” has special protective layers which protects from UV rays that can discolour other flooring materials. The wear layer protects it from stains and smudges due to dirt and mud making it a great material for hallways and entryways. The range combines a creative atmosphere and robust aesthetic with a high degree of practicality. The collection strengths are best not just in business premises, shop and restaurants, but also in the modern work-at-home lifestyle of young people. Different finishes and grains allow large areas to be visually divided, highlighting the different uses of living and work space which is easy to personalize with furniture or other splashes of colour. The range is equally suited to functional dry kitchens, to children’s rooms, to studies as well as stylish living areas.”

Price: On Request

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