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April 14, 2017
Top Stories
The Petersen Automotive Museum receives American Architecture Award
The Petersen Automotive Museum has been honoured by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design as one of the most significant building projects in .... read more
Robotic arm advances architecture students’ designs
The College of Architecture is training students to use a new fabrication tool that will help bring their designs to life. The robotic arm was produced by FANUC America, a company .... read more
Undulating bamboo pavilion has mathematically inspired form
Known for its flexibility and impressive strength, and for its ability to speedily replenish itself, bamboo is a renewable material that has been used in clothing and accessories for .... read more
P&G brand Fairy brings to life Bubbles Project with art installation
Procter & Gamble brand Fairy is aiming to showcase the power in a single drop of the washing up liquid with an art installation in London. .... read more
Schneider Electric India affirms commitment to energy efficiency
Schneider Electric India, the global specialist in energy management and automation, showcased a range of low-cost clean technologies which were on display at the catamaran .... read more
VTN architects vertically stacks gardens inside binh house in Vietnam
Part of VTN architects’ ‘house for trees’ series, the ‘binh house’ demonstrates the approach of integrating tropical gardens, open spaces and water within a high density .... read more
Competition: Mayor’s design advocates, London
The mayor of London is recruiting built environment professionals for a new 30-strong design advocacy panel The three year contract calls on ‘London’s top design talent’ .... read more