TEDxGurugram 2016 brings forward a thought-provoking discourse about ‘Fabric of Change’

TEDxGurugram 2016 brings forward a thought-provoking discourse about ‘Fabric of Change’


The world has become a fast-changing and ever-evolving world, and bringing about ‘change’ is a complex process. , an independently organised TED event brought together 10 change-makers from distinct backgrounds to share their ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ with its relevant theme of to weave an interesting discourse on positive change through a multitude of ideas and stories. The event was divided broadly into four sessions: Change Our Ways Of Learning, Changes We Can Weave, Change Through Rural Innovation and Changing Perspectives.

TEDxGurugram 2016 took place on Sunday, 6th November 2016 at The Epicentre, Gurugram (formerly Gurgaon), and brought together 10 TEDx Talks, art installations, photography exhibitions and innovative interventions from some of distinctive experts and artists.

Organised under the Infosys Anchor programme in India, the event boasted of a biker, a fashion entrepreneur, a data analyst, a farmer, a social activist and an architect, among others, that made up the exciting line-up.

From the central focus of the event, TEDx Talks focused on discourse about technology, education, rural developments, lifestyle changes as well as philosophical arrays. Technology was talked about as one of the core aspects through means of data, computation, smart cities and online presence, among other aspects. Discussions highlighted the inter-connected relationships between these aspects that can largely affect ‘change’ in the country.

For instance, development of smart cities need smarter design education for a bottom-up change to happen, as iterated by architect , co-founder of rat[LAB], who was one of the speakers at the event. , founder of Sphinx, spoke about importance of data uploads and consumption and how it affects the perceptions of digital and physical space in cities. Esko Kilpi, a management author and speaker, sent out a powerful video talk about intersections of learning and working in this age of technology.

sushantverma_talk_highlights_02While all speakers shared ideas and stories about change in their respective domains of work, there were some clear highlights with inspiring messages that came across for the audience to gauge. Relevant highlights about Smart Cities and future of education were brought across by Sushant Verma, who highlighted about the slow pace of adaptation as a comparative to past-changing technologies. He spoke about the reluctance to change in India through an example of 3D printing technology that was invented in 1986, but put to proper use now, in 2016. He spoke about the role of young people for innovative cultures through citations of young companies and how they use data-computation in their workflows. This was linked to design of the built environment and cities with examples of innovative architectural work from his field of expertise. He addressed the audience with a powerful message that “Smart cities can be made by smart people and we should focus on people for a smarter living”.

tedxgurugram-eyesforgurugram-exhibition-photographer-naina-co-luxury-lifestyle-photographer-blogger-33Angad Chowdhry demonstrated a data analysis he ran for his talk to showcase the power of data in the digital age and urged the audience to be more responsible for their uploads as it affects the perception of a city. He highlighted on Gurugram digital footprint and used computing to organise and process this data to yield some interesting facts and statistics. “We’re at a very interesting point in history where we are writing every page of it”, he highlighted while putting his point across.

TEDxGurugram brought forward many parallel ideas and stories of change from a diverse group of speakers that included Namit Arora, Tanya Kewalramani, Kalyan Akkipeddi, Nazia Erum, Ulrike Reinhard, Prem Singh and Jay Kannaiyan.

The event also showcased artwork, photography, illustrations and mixed-medium art installations from Naina Redhu, Vicky Roy, Sunayna S, art[X]INDIA, rat[LAB]INTERIORS, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, among other collaborators.