Morbi ceramic tile makers mull a ‘common brand’ for exports

Morbi ceramic tile makers mull a ‘common brand’ for exports


In a bid to position Morbi as a major hub for products in global market, tile makers in India’s largest industry cluster are mulling to create a ‘common brand’ for exports. As many as 200 companies in Morbi have already shown interest in building a single brand for export market.

“The exports of from Morbi have seen an annual growth of 25%-30% over the past few years. In order to further strengthen our position in the export market, we are working on one cluster, one brand concept. We are mulling to create a common brand exclusively for exports,” KG Kundariya, President, Morbi Ceramic Association said on the sidelines of four-day Vibrant Ceramic Expo in .

Currently, ceramic manufacturers in Morbi export their products under different brand names. As part of the initiative, the units will make products at their respective units but export them under a common brand name.