VitrA introduces its latest Istanbul series

VitrA introduces its latest Istanbul series


istanbul faucet introduces its organically designed series- Istanbul. Designed by Ross Lovegrove, the collection is inspired by nature. The outstanding combination of fluent and sculptural forms with fine lines is the evidence of the mastership of in production technology along with the ability of Lovegrove to make use of the technology and materials.

The collection is a continuation of natural and sophisticated line of Istanbul series which includes sink cupboard, Infinit sink, Istanbul washbasin and fixtures. The design gets an elegant ambiance with 3 lacquered colour options: Burgundy high gloss, white and olive green.

Istanbul with new wa#F33F4FWhen visiting Istanbul, VitrA's physical and spiritual home, Lovegrove immersed himself in Turkish ceramic culture and drew inspiration from the diverse ethnicity, architecture and custom of the region to bring an additional perspective. He studied Ottoman geometries and calligraphy, which are graphic and yet liquid, organic and highly sensual. These two-dimensional applications were morphed to create surface patterns for printed products and for milling panels and screens, thus leading to the creation of this stunning collection of Istanbul.