USHA unveils a range of stylish fans for 2016

USHA unveils a range of stylish fans for 2016


Striker Platinum Deep Mettalic Brown UshaFans 08Dec15-035 International, a leading player in the fans industry, unveils a new range of stylish ceiling and for 2016. Planning ahead of the season, USHA brings 4 new designer models for ceiling and floor area décor to address effective air circulation requirement and cooling  needs. include Bellisa and Striker fans whereas tower fans include Compacto range.

USHA has introduced Belissa range that boosts of elegant designs. With minimalist work on its blades USHA Belissa fan promises high air delivery with 1200 mm sweep size that effectively circulates air in the room. For those who prefer simple design and high performance, USHA Striker range of ceiling fans work best. It’s wide tip aerodynamic blades ensures high air delivery and spread. The range includes Striker Millennium, Striker Galaxy and Striker Platinum. The extensive colour options to choose from include 8 metallic colours of USHA Belissa fans – Cornsilk, Mint Metallic Green, Bright Gold, Siler Sage, Ice Blue, Truffle Gloss, Platinum White, Sterling Silver and 5 colours in USHA Striker including Rich Brown, Rich White, Mist Green, Pearl Ivory and Deep Metallic Brown.

Cerebro1USHA Compacto Tower Fans is designed tastefully for spaces like drawing rooms and office cubical, these tower fans bridge the gap between air conditioner and fan for air circulation, provide cool breeze and maintain area temperature. The range includes Efikas, Rense and Cerebro. Designed for those who prefer technology enabled products and gadgets with silent operation, now can easily choose among the 3 options.

USHA Efikas has elegant and stylish cylindrical design that saves space. With only consumption of 35 wattage, USHA Efikas provides cool breeze with ultra-quiet operations. Whereas, USHA Rense has in-built Ionizer that is needed to freshen-up indoor air odour effectively from the given space. The air we breathe contains airborne allergens & germs that negatively affect our wellbeing, particularly our respiratory system. Ionizer works on the principle of neutralisation. They produces negatively charged ions & clear the air of airborne allergens and bacteria. Additionally, ionizer accelerates odour removal. USHA Cerebro comes with smart eco sense mode that automatically adjust fan speed levels to enhance comfort basis ambient temperature. Cerebro has dismountable dust proof filter that allows easy cleaning.

All the 3 tower fans model come with elegant and stylish space saving design. Fitted with a LED display that boosts of ergonomically designed LED panel with push control buttons, one can conveniently manage operations with remote control. USHA Compacto tower fans has intelligent comfort wind modes that include normal, natural and sleep wind modes. Benefits of programmable electronic timer for 8 hours oscillation with ultra-silent operations.

USHA Ceiling fan range starts from INR 2,500 and Compacto Tower Fans range start from INR 5,399.

Beginning this year, USHA also introduced one of the most innovative product for kids in sewing machine category- My Fab Barbie and soon plan product roll outs in appliances as well as home comfort category.