Syska launches ‘app controlled’ wireless lighting with Smartlight Rainbow LED Bulbs

Syska launches ‘app controlled’ wireless lighting with Smartlight Rainbow LED Bulbs


Taking a step closer to smart homes, ’s leading player in the known for its smart innovation reveals a whole new dimension to lighting that can be digitised, it’s the smartest which vows to personalise one’s experience to the most colourful rainbow shades to choose from, that could be controlled wirelessly, illuminating 3 million colours for every mood, bringing endless possibilities light years ahead!

Paint a rainbow at home: To get one’s home glowing in all colours of the rainbow, Syska LED Bulb is programmed with the variety of tones including golden, silver and white amidst the colour palette of over 3 million, all fully dimmable all at one’s fingertips.

The colour options help one change and elevate one’s mood, defining the colour for every mood. The user could also colour pick from camera or photo which will be sensed as per the visual perception of the snapshot.  Select a clear white for reading, choose a warm tone to relax, or dim everything for a romantic evening.

App controlled wireless lighting: Being bluetooth enabled, one can take full control of one’s lights, with the free user friendly Syska Rainbow LED App. Featuring a clean intuitive interface on one’s smartphone –  either individually, one bulb at a time, or if one has multiple, one can program entire rooms or zones with specific types of lighting – program different areas of homes to suit one’s tastes.

Scheduled lighting: Set timer events to turn one’s bulbs on and off throughout the day, with different colours defined for each event. Wake up in the morning to one’s favorite colour, and then return home to a bright, well-lit home. The possibilities are endless. The app shall also enable alarm clock and stimulate the sun rising and circadian rhythm letting the light urge one to sleep, wake one up and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Sync music with light: The app syncs music with light along with its ‘Shake & Dance feature’ – Slide the phone in one’s pocket and the bulb light brightness will change according to the movement of the user while dancing!

Multi-functional app: Making the most of it, the app supports the heartbeat measurement which will same be displayed in the form of bulb light. It also upkeeps several interactive games for the users namely Pinch Bomb, Roar etc. With the colour recognition feature for children, the bulb truly democratises technology that teaches children to recognise the colour with lights.

Enjoy brighter and energy efficient lighting with 7W LED Blub, which provides the 480 Lumens brightness. Surpassing the traditional light bulbs in every way, with a lifespan of 25000 hours and efficient performance, save upto 80% on one’s energy bill.

Simple to install and easy to use –  Being a retro fit just screw into any standard light socket, download the app from the Google Play Store or Apple, and one has a truly modern, connected home lighting system. The product is available with leading retail stores and select e-commerce portals.