Parryware’s In-Slim reflects European design

Parryware’s In-Slim reflects European design


Inslime 515 brings in a new range of exceptionally super slim wash basins – . The exquisite range under Parryware brand follows the leadership that the Group has in slim basins since the launch of Laufen SaphirKeramik 5 years back, so pliable yet strong to be shaped into super-slim, an extremely robust ceramic .

In-Slim epitomises the craftsmanship that opens up the unique aesthetic opportunities of design language which greatly expands and enriches the repertoire with greater finesse, while maintaining the traditional processes of ceramic sanitaryware.

The key elements of finesse springs an extra edge – it is the perfection given to smallest details through precision, thin wall thickness and small radii that inspired Parryware to mark the design excellence through In-Slim range. The washbasin architecture fulfills the pre-requisites of space-saving trend and gives a perfect mix to the surface treatment and creates patterns with a fine definition. The surface pattern is partly decorative and partly functional as they prevent objects from slipping and leaving stains.

Inslim 410In-Slim’s unique aesthetic allows a very tight radii of 4-5 mm which has wafer-thin walls, economises on space, lightweight and even more sustainable, as compared to traditional basins that makes more space for contemporary bathroom. It is a nifty solution to a powerful extraction with the ease of maintenance and a sleek-looking product which enhances the sense of space and gives a visual lightness.

As the trend is evolving further for basins to be even slimmer, the range offers 2 circular and 2 square shape table top forms with varied size therefore providing a broad choice to the washing area solutions. In-Slim basins advent continues a long-standing tradition of inventiveness that Roca Group design philosophy has fostered, to come up with ceramics waste coupling at this mid-economic range that makes them a great fit in the modern-day trendy bathroom spaces.

Commenting on the new collection, Pau Abelló Pellicer, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt. Ltd. said, “The goal of creating a new generation of washbasins laid emphasis more on lines and surfaces than on volume. It eliminated the wider edge around a conventional basin allowing for a more generously sized washbasin.”