Parryware presents India’s toughest Ceramic Steel Bathtubs

Parryware presents India’s toughest Ceramic Steel Bathtubs


Parryware introduces Ceramics Steel Bathtub range. Designed in true European style and imported from their factories in Portugal and Spain, the Ceramic Bathtubs are sure to inspire a contemporary bathroom décor and enhance bath experience to the next level.

Inspired by nature, innovated by Parryware, the key distinguishing features of the tough bathtubs are anti-slip surfaces, resistance to surface impacts and scratches, abrasion and chemical agents and maximum sound insulation against the noise impact during use through noise pads. A timeless bathroom product, these bathtubs are 100% ecologically friendly and recyclable. Extremely stable even when submitted to loads up to 300 Kg, Parryware’s vitreous enamel anti-slip is made of a combination of quartz and sand, and is permanently bound to Steel Enamel Surface.

The range offers 3 variant collections, namely, Atlantica, Universal Anatomica and Europa collection. Providing a broad choice to the bathing area, Universal Anatomica stands out amongst all with its geometric purity and comfort. It comes in 3 SKUs and 12 varied colours specially curated to complement the contemporary bathroom spaces. Atlantica collection is available in 1800×800 mm and 1700×800 mm size, Universal in 1700×750 mm, 1600×750 mm and 1500×750 mm (with varied colours), and Europa in 1700×700 mm, 1600×700 mm and 1500×700 mm.

All set to manifest the spirit of modern living, Parryware’s new collection creates an attractive combination of strength and beauty that offers colourful varieties and plenty of space that leads to rejuvenation in the bathroom space. Ceramic steel bath tubs are available with a price range of INR 12,500 to 21,000.