NOTION introduces Healthy Wooden Flooring

NOTION introduces Healthy Wooden Flooring


With the technical advancement, wooden floors have developed its properties and are used worldwide. Wooden floors add warmth and texture to living area, hallways, bedrooms, study room  and easily match any decorating style and design and seamlessly works in the Home & offices.

Keeping this in mind, , a premium name in luxury wooden segment have introduced healthy, hygienic & exclusive shades of wooden floors.

According to Akash Saini, Director-Sales, NOTION, “Many companies are using toxic material to make their production capacities higher and to make their products competitive. If you are looking for a new flooring it’s important to choose nontoxic, durable materials. Laminate flooring (which may contain wood pulp or wood chips) can pose a host of health and environmental problems. Some laminate flooring frequently produced with adhesives containing formaldehyde, which also releases fumes and harm in the long run. It pays to know what’s underfoot. We ensure that our wooden flooring collection should be healthy, hygienic & exclusive with a timeless quality, warmth and character, which is ideally combined with its hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain nature. The collection is resistant to many agents that can discolour the flooring materials. The wear layer protects it from stains and smudges due to dirt and mud making it a great material. One can easily install this range on their existing flooring, excluding carpet. The interlocking planks make it an easy installation for weekend warriors and it can be uninstalled without damaging itself or the old flooring underneath. Another flooring option looks as same as solid hardwoods. It is composed of three layers cross stacked then glued and compressed under high pressure and heat to create a flooring material that is impervious to humidity”.

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