Jaquar Group introduces Showertronics iV6 under Artize

Jaquar Group introduces Showertronics iV6 under Artize


Showertronics iV6 has come up with a revolutionary new product under its luxury brand Showertronics iV6, which is an experiential and intuitive electronic thermostatic mixing system designed to provide an unmatched showering experience.

Artize Showertronic iV6 is an intelligent system, which maintains the water temperature and flow rate during showering. At just a simple touch of a fingertip on the high-durability waterproof touchpad, one can choose the shower mode, control the temperature and manage water flow. Showertronic iV6’s innovative electronic thermostatic mixing system has 6 electronic valves and multiple sensors which are connected to state-of-the-art intelligent control software managing all showering operations.

The pre-selected water temperature remains constant whenever the user enters the shower ensuring no risk of scalding from sudden temperature increase or surprising shocks when temperature drops. Showertronic iV6 also has its own battery back up to provide an uninterrupted showering experience even in case of power failures. It also offers convenience and safety features like warm-up mode, auto clean mode, thermal disinfection, on-screen alarms and auto cut-off.

Artize Showertronic iV6 is designed keeping the convenience of the users in mind. Showertronics iV6 is easy to operate, with a sleek touchpad that offers an intuitive user interface, packed with a whole range of thoughtful features. Some of its unique features include:
– The ‘Automatic Startup’ feature that lets the system automatically set itself up after installation.
– ‘Warm up’ mode preheats the shower for the user by flushing out cold water until the desired, preset temperature is reached.
– The water temperature is kept constant and its 6 intelligent valves, sensors and software keep the water’s flow perfectly steady at the rate one chooses during showering. This ensures there are no risk of scalding from sudden temperature increase and no surprising shocks if the temperature drops.
– The ‘Pause’ mode is perfect when one is soaping or shampooing. In this mode the system automatically finds the exact temperature and flow rate of the shower when you restart it within 3 minutes.
– Showertronic iV6 also allows you to store your preferred settings in its memory, including the water outlet of your choice, the flow rate, and of course, the temperature.
– To ensure perfect hygiene in the system, Showertronic iV6 is also equipped with functions like ‘Automatic Internal Cleanup’ which flushes water shocks for 10-15 seconds from all outlets to remove lime and impurities from the outlets and the pipes.
– The ‘Thermal Disinfection’ feature, recommended to be done annually, flushes hot water through all outlets for 5 minutes – at the maximum temperature available in the water heater for maintaining hygiene.
– Unlike conventional thermostats, Artize Showertronic iV6 is capable of auto-calibration, stabilizing the water against any external change in pressure, water flow or temperature, even if the pressure differential of cold and hot water goes up to 5 bars.
– The Showertronic system is also built to be safe from the high voltage peaks often encountered in India. And in case of power failure, it offers uninterrupted showering with its battery backup. This smart system also detects shower malfunctions and displays alarms on the interface display when the system spots problems that persist for over 5 seconds.