IOTA introduces European brand ‘Mois’ in India

IOTA introduces European brand ‘Mois’ in India


IOTA Boutique , India’s leading brand of imported has introduced European label ‘Mois’ in India.

According to Namit Ajmani, MD, IOTA Boutique Furniture, “Mois is a name that implies the perfect curves, finishes and durability, a name that symbolizes trend and in the simplest language. Their range is incredibly soothing to the eyes that give you the opportunity to discover how peaceful a piece of furniture could be. The variety and quality of their product is always up-to-date within the current fashion and trends which is shaped by the needs of their customers. They use digital and skilled artisans and the best of paints from Sayerlack to bring out an e extraordinary piece of furniture.”

Each piece is designed using the advanced technology facilitating and precision and turning a piece of wood into a piece of . Designed to meet the current trends and need, the brand offers the products crafted from 1st grade MDF and solid wood materials. One can find impressive range of wall units, coffee tables, dining room furniture and much more.