Franke launches Tectonite Sinks

Franke launches Tectonite Sinks


Tectonite’s state-of-the-art centenary design is formed from patented materials, Tectonite, comes with 3 tiered accessories.These sinks are created to fit perfectly in functionality and design with 3rd generation material.

Years of research and experimentation have allowed Franke to guarantee the use of premium quality raw materials and the creation of excellent finished products in terms of form and function, ease of use and total safety, water and energy savings with environmental protection in mind.

Pure elegance: Tectonite sinks give the perfect opportunity to bring some style into the  due to the exclusive and elegant colours available.

Extreme durability: Tectonite as a material is extremely durable. It can resist temperatures of up to 300 °C and impacts of just about anything one could drop on it in the daily kitchen environment.

Easy cleaning: Due to the exclusive Tectonite texture, the can be easily cleaned and automatically repels liquids and dirt from the surface.

Franke offers built-in, under-top and top-flush solutions to satisfy all sink integration requirements while enhancing visual appeal and practicality.

Price: on Request