Classic Marble Company introduces new varieties of black marble

Classic Marble Company introduces new varieties of black marble


Black Gold has introduced 3 new varieties of namely Black Wave, Black & Gold and Black Moon.

As the name states Black Wave depicts wave like structure of white veins that pass through the entire black surface. The Black & Gold marble forms natural white vertical veins over black and golden surface, golden touch giving an imperial look to the stone. The gorgeous Black Moon gives an inkling of a crescent moon with its impressions scattered all over the marble.

Black Wave and DianaIf it’s a kitchen, revamp it by installing Black and Gold marble as the backsplash. It will not only glamorise the utility quotient of the kitchen counter but also accentuate the beauty of the wall mounted cabinets irrespective of whether the kitchen is styled traditional or contemporary. A sealant treatment on the back splash will protect the marble from staining and damage. A black marble is also distinct because of its naturally formed vein patterns, especially when the veins are in white or its shades. The contrast brings out the beauty of black strikingly and makes it all the more attractive. A decorative fireplace installation framed with Black Wave marble art or a Black Moon wall highlighter in the living room could stun the senses and make for décor that redefines class.