Carysil launches new range of luxury kitchen products

Carysil launches new range of luxury kitchen products


Bring home the new range of granite premium line sinks from  and give an all new look to your kitchen. Polo sinks come with two bowls and a drainer and an easy to clean surface. These are also available in stylish colours like Deep Black, Dusk Grey, Pera and Bianca.

Technical Drainer:
Sink: 1160 mm X 500 mm
Bowl: 330 mm X 430 mm X 210 mm
Price: INR 38,715

Tam Tam G 4Glass Hobs Tam Tam G4
Carysil Hobs Tam Tam G4 come with 3 gas burners and an . Made with black tempered glass and an auto ignition feature, these hobs have been designed to meet every household’s needs.

Enameled Sheet Pan Supports
Burner: 03 Gas Burners + 01 Electrical Hot Plate
01 Small Triple Ring, 02 Semi Rapid Rings
01 Hotplate
Cut out size: (L 555 X B 485 X H 45)
Overall Size: (L 590 X B 520 X H 55)

Free standing
Intelligent design, efficiency and durability, all come in one package with Carysil’s Free Standing Cooking Range. Made of full stainless steel body, it has a gas operating oven to bake multiple dishes and a rotisserie for barbecue. Its 4 Italian Sabaff burners give added functionality and multiple cooking choices to the user. Besides, timer function and FFD device enhance the safety.

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Gas Grill separately with Thermostat & FFD
Finish: Full stainless steel body
Dimension in cm :- 60 x 60
>Gas ovens capacity 54 Ltr
Enameled Pan support
Full double glass oven door
Digital reminder
Timer function
FSCR-02: Size 60cm, INR 52,990