“Marble continues to be an evergreen trend”

Marble is also a symbol of elegance, versatility and exclusivity, and forms a staple in the spatial design of luxury hotels owing to its appearance. A-Class has also introduced a unique range of new age materials such as ceramic and and established . Talking about the brand, Ramesh Bhandari, Director, , comments on the questions put forth by Bhumi Gupta.

Ramesh Bhandari, Director, A-Class Marble
Ramesh Bhandari is a graduate from Regent’s Business School, London, with an ability to translate the vision and the ethos of the company into reality. With his far-sighted and futuristic methodologies, he actively participates in the domain of planning and risk management in the company; bringing in plausible solutions to deal with challenges. One of his contributions to the company is the conception and the establishment of A-Class Surfaces International; adding to the existing list of accolades of A-Class Marble.

Elaborate on the new unique stone collections launched recently.
After the launch of our Signature, Pristine and Exotica collections, we have recently unveiled the ‘Opera’ collection which is crafted out of Onyx-one of the most appealing natural stones and a timeless material that adds elegance to any space. This stone is available in a thickness of 18 mm and 20 mm, the raw material for which has been imported from different countries like Iran, Mexico, Turkey and China. Owing to its property of low maintenance, Opera is ideal for use in dining/drawing rooms, bathrooms and as a material for highlighter walls. The marble slabs are designed using the latest, cutting-edge technology without compromising on the quality and are available in innovative formats in various combinations. Owing to its durability and ease of maintenance, Opera is ideal for use as a countertop material and for making accent pieces.

What do you think is the standing of stone in the market as compared to the other man-made products?
While there are many manmade options available in the market today, marble continues to be an evergreen trend for all. Marble is available in a broad range of colours, patterns and designs; with its smooth finish and luminous appearance after polishing, it’s the choice of material for many interior designers. It is easy to clean, has a high resistance to fire, and is extremely durable and long lasting. Marble is also a symbol of elegance, versatility and exclusivity, and forms a staple in the spatial design of luxury hotels owing to its regal appearance. A-Class has also introduced a unique range of new age materials such as ceramic and porcelain slabs and established A-Class Surfaces International. Our Make In India range 1st Tile and Italy-based Fiandre and Fuoriformato are innovative surfaces, available in different formats, thickness, colours, finishes and textures.

How A- Class Marble creates its niche in this wide range of retailers?
A-Class Marble recommends both marble and porcelain stoneware. Marble is an upscale luxurious choice, prized for its beauty, style and elegance and when used for flooring it has undeniable virtues. Our Pristine and Exotica collections have been a favoured choice for both luxury residences and hotels. When it comes to porcelain, Our 1st Tile collection has been designed using the finest clay, to enhance the gleaming effect appearance. These slabs are produced using the latest Italian technology to ensure durability and corrosion resistance. Our collection Fiandre combines decades of experience with innovation, and consists of five distinct collections. Maximum Fiandre Extralite combines complete design freedom with high flexibility. In an innovative 300×150 cm format, Maximum is a material that combines the established, classical characteristics of Fiandre’s top range porcelain stoneware with new advantages, high technical performance, lightness and versatility.

What is the scope of expansion for the Company in the coming years?
India is a growing economy and the construction industry has grown unexpectedly in the past few decades. With the launch of our Make in India range – 1st Tile and A Class Surfaces International, we’ve ventured into taking up institutional and hospitality projects. Since, the demand for marble products has grown exponentially even outside the country, we are hoping to expand our operations in countries like Singapore, Bhutan, Bangladesh and the Middle East soon.

Has the governance and its new policies brought any change in the economy and growth of the company?
The government has taken some much needed measures to provide relief to the marble industry. The new policies introduced by the government provide a level playing field to all. We are of the belief that with the advent of such policies, the marble companies will be benefitted and reach new heights.


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