IOTA introduces its latest collection of Beds

Boutique  is launching a range of that combine comfort, mastery and functionality. This collection offers king and that have ample storage and come with artistic headboards.

With a heavy focus on the usability of products on a day-to-day basis, the range of beds from IOTA comes with durability, storage, comfort and looks.

According to , MD, IOTA, “Big furniture pieces are a one-time investment, which people don’t change frequently. We have a range that is durable and lasts for decades. When you buy a product from IOTA, you get the quality assurance and unmatched after-sales service. IOTA is known for its quality products that add charm into any dull space.”

The Queen/Paris & Glory beds are upholstered in water-resistant fabric and avoiding any sort of water or other liquid stains and also reducing cleaning time significantly, Sensor lights further enhance the overall look of the bed. The Hangar Bed comes with a striking mustard yellow colour headrest. There is ample storage space, which makes it extremely convenient to lift the frame of the bed and utilise it to the fullest. The bed is sturdy and has stainless-steel elements that add to the durability and finish of the bed. The Ruché bed is lifted from the ground by a simple, fine structure which supports a comfortable sleep platform. The headboard and frame are dressed with a distinctive quilting, a kind of boutis stitch of padding made using a cross-hatching of interrupted seams. Alternately flattened by the stitches then set free, the fabric ‘curls’ in places, giving rise both to its unique appearance and to its name, Ruché (a gathered or which serves as decoration on a piece of clothing). For , Ruché also brings together the unusual and the traditional. The unusual thing about this piece is its structure, and the great traditional element: the quilting, the very heart of its savoir-faire. Its rangy uprights and the undulations of its duvet combine to produce a harmonious union of rigorous straight and soft, welcoming

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