Design Iteration

Design Iteration


Prahheelika Design Studio joins their hands with Modulnova, a furnishing firm, to offer a dynamic language of kitchen, bath and living designs to the Indian market. from Prahheelika Design Studio and Bellinazzi Renzo from Modulnova express their enthusiasm about their luxury products in conversation with Apoorva Nandish

Apoorva Nandish: Amongst the many product designers in our country, what impressed you to associate with Modulnova?
Archhana Smart: There are a couple of things which caught my attention. First, an innovative material palette used in their design. For example, they design frameless shutters without any backing of MDF or ply. Second, a minimalist design approach which is user-centric, sensitive and sophisticated. Modulnova has different things to offer to the Indian market than the usual ones available.Their design style and philosophy at approaching the design of a product inspired us (Prahheelika Design Studio) the most for a strong collaboration and to establish their products in India.

AN: Who are your prospective clients?
AS: We have a few top clienteles to whom we have sold kitchens in the past. But, basically, we are looking at clients who are a connoisseur of minimalistic design and appreciate sophisticated design crafted by Modulnova.
Modulnova is a synonym for elegant design detail and use of novel materials. Kindly enlighten us about ‘Tile Kitchen’.

Modulnova’s creativity lies at using unique materials in a way that it requires no other backing material to beautify the original one. For example in Tile kitchen, Modulnova has strategically sandwiched three thin tiles for a shutter. A wire mesh runs between each tile and then introduced into a furnace to hold it together. This innovative approach reduces the thickness and weight of the shutter retaining its stability. The fittings, designed by Blum, are patented for our company for these kind of kitchens. This is followed across all our product range in terms of the material and fittings used. Every material and hardware used for top-end products are similar for a mid level kitchen what we have on offer for project kitchens and for end users – they all are same!

AN: Having been associated with Modulnova for over a year, what are your future plans?
AS: We have been associated for a year. This is our flagship store in Mumbai. And moving forward with this establishment, we are planning to expand our horizons in Gujarat and Maharashtra in our phrase 1. And then slowly tap into other markets as well.

I feel a lot of tierII cities are growing fast. People are frequently travelling and are open to experiment with new materials, finishes and brands. The demography is turning around at adapting changes. And I’m certain that our next venture, into setting up in Gujarat, will be a positive word of mouth.

About the Speaker
DSC_0170 copyArchhana Smart is a qualified management graduate and a qualified Interior Designer with over 20 years of experience in the field of Design and Italian Modular Kitchen.
She has been involved in helping to setup many brand stores in Mumbai. She has been associated with companies at various senior management levels.
With a vast experience of Modular Kitchen industry she launched Prahheelika Design Studios in 2012, catering to niche market for Italian kitchens and bath.

Apoorva Nandish: Kindly walk me through the works of Modulnova.
Bellinazzi Renzo: Modulnova, a furnishing firm set up by the Presotto family, is a young company with over 27 years of experience. Modulnova is an innovative company for we use innovative materials and techniques in our products to provide an experiential space to our clients.. We follow minimalistic design and focus on select market. We want to provide design kitchen which stands for elegant style, provide functional solution, and have hawk’s eye on its details, finishes and accessories. This is our philosophy and we want to take it to every country.For example, in the Blade Collection, the kitchen worktop is designed with Kerlite. We have used Aluminium honeycomb, for tall cabinets, which allows us for 2.7mx1.5m shutter size in just 1cm thickness. They are light but strong and require no heavy-duty hinges. The hardware from Blum helps in achieving silent closing shutters.

A lot of brain storming involves in designing in our company. We want to design clean but user-centric kitchen. For example in the pantry closet, there are multiple provisions for appliances. Not all may like to have it kept opened. The shutters are designed in such a way that the closet can be left open or closed to one’s desire. The shutters can be easily opened and slid into their side slots, allowing flexibility to a user’s lifestyle.

AN: How do you envisage the growth of Modulnova in the Indian market?
BR: Modulnova comes up with unique design idioms unmatched by its peers. We went into the export market 10 years back. And being a luxury product brand, we are looking at top-notch clientele. Mumbai being the largest business district of the country with high demographic value, we feel this city is the right place to set our foundation in the country. Going ahead, with a diverse network of customer chains in India, we see there are high possibilities of having them on board. We think Mumbai will help us grow strong and tall in this industry.

AN: Modulnova is known for materialistic design – cement & resins. Would you like to throw some light on its peculiarities?
BR: Clients like fashion. They love style!
Cement is the best raw material. And we are the first company to use this raw material. One was surprised to learn that the texture/pattern on them is achieved by hand. It gives an industrial outlook. Moreover, Europeans enjoy this style statement.

AN: What are the future plans of the company?
BR: Upon achieving a strong foot hold in the current segments that we handle, we would like to expand our expertise into Wardrobe systems. Also, we are looking at catering to high-level projects like luxury flats, huge villas and high-end apartments.

About the Speaker
DSC_0058Bellinazzi Renzo started his career as a marketing technical manager with Masons kitchen. Acquiring tremendous expertise and technical knowledge at expanding the market of kitchen across Asia and part of Europe, over a decade as an Export Manager, he moved on to Modulnova in 2004. He has been successful in building Modulnova as a brand across the globe by tapping into apt markets projecting Modulnova in the top 5 kitchen companies.
He holds pride at introducing Modulnova in India through Prahheelika Design Studios and portraying its innovative use of materials and finishes for elite homes.