The etymology of design vocabulary is through the genius craftsmanship of a master. Anu Tandon Vieira’s poetic approach of skillfully refurbishing the wastes into a creative use for the masses stands out from the conventional design stance


Having worked on a range of market driven projects for over 25 years, as a designer, I started feeling the need, in some way, to use my experience and expertise in making a difference, to my environment. And this eventually led to the conception of .

I have utilised materials that are not considered ‘beautiful’ and converted them into products that are well designed and appealing. Further, I’ve incorporated the waste that is generated by several industries all around us.

It has been hands on approach designing and working with weavers, printers and other craftsmen. To give form to a concept gives me the greatest high!

The materials used are all either recycled or sustainable. Working with a dusty, well , and then applying the same detail and design with a piece of expensive raw material, is my way of approach at each piece. The tyres are first washed and sanitised.

The ropes made of recycled tailoring waste or plastic wrapper waste are carefully coordinated to be woven in weaves that are durable, and will come together in a cohesive manner to result in a unique and well detailed product.

I have tried to work with ideals of fair trade and given the urban migrant craftsmen a vibrant work environment, an inclusive approach and a respect to their craftsmanship. I believe that a good design can be sustainable and relevant only if the person translating it can relate to it and contribute to its improvisation and innovation.

I would, in my own small way, want to be the change I want to see!

About the Designer
Anu Tandon Vieira is a graduate in Sculpture, with a Post Graduate degree in textiles from National Institute of Design (NID). She is passionate about designing sustainable, comfortable and exquisitely hand-crafted furniture by re-purposing material waste from urban jungles.
The Retyrement Plan (Mumbai, India) from Vieira is a range of occasional furniture pieces using discarded tyres of all shapes and sizes, cane and bamboo, woven over with ropes twisted out of tailoring waste and in shimmering plastic wrapper waste.

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