Havells forays into air purifiers segment

AP22, India’s leading Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company with a strong global footprint, forayed into a new product segment with the launch of innovative and premium range of air purifiers in the domestic market .

In today’s world, pollution is not only limited to the outside, it has sneaked into our homes too. Havells Air Purifier comes with advance HEPA technology, which effectively eliminates optimal indoor pollutants, so that you can breathe in pure every day.

It comes with Air quality sensor with LED indicator and Ionizer feature with selective models and has features like Auto mode, Silent mode and Health plus lock.

Havells Air Purifiers clean the air through a 3-stage filtration process. The first stage pre-filtration catches large dust particles, dander & hair of pets and humans, which can be harmful. The second stage has advanced HEPA filter, which effectively filters upto 0.02 micron particles with a removal efficiency of 99.9 percent that enhances indoor air quality. The third stage comes with dense carbon granules that help in removing bad odors, harmful gases & chemicals from the air.

AP22Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Saurabh Goel, Senior Vice President, Havells India Limited said, “Havells has always been committed to introduce innovative products for its existing and prospective customers, which adhere to their changing lifestyle, preferences and requirements, including those related to healthy living. With the deteriorating level of air quality in India, especially in metro cities, we believe that our technologically advanced air purifiers will remove the air of its pollutants and provide fresh and clean air at both homes and offices, thereby ensuring the wellbeing of our valuable customers.”

“The launch of air purifiers is a very important milestone for Havells and we expect to acquire a significant market share in this growing segment of the market with our superior technology, outstanding design and aesthetics”, he added.


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