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E.Com Express Office, Gurgaon, Geo Designs & Cherry Hill Interiors Pvt. Ltd.

Amalgamating the design and function of the space with vibrant interiors, Cherry Hill Interiors Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with Geo Designs brings together culture in harmony with the need, making office of E.Com Express come to life and create an energetic vibe.

Successful commercial and workplace environments are those that best leverage physical space as a strategic tool to achieve organisational goals. The Office of E.COM Express, a leading logistics company (providing end-to-end logistics solutions with focus on nation-wide express delivery services to e-commerce Industry) was inspired by its nature of work, growing networks, Logistics, delivery and digital services that ensures connectivity between their partners to end consumers. The key was to create a space that brought together and connected the many departments of the company incorporating their needs and culture.

This interior by Geo Designs offers a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere infusing a sense of welcome and well-being in the work space for all. This Design- Build Project was done on an area of 25,000 sq ft with execution by Cherry Hill Interiors Private Limited.

From the buffer lobby space, a corten steel feature mascot made of folded plates, custom designed for this office guides one to reception area. Neutral base palette of greys and white, a pop of brand colour, metal pipes, open ceiling and a trophy display talks of the achievements of E.COM as one enters.

A road network circulates throughout connecting the office space and is strategically furnished with refuelling stops at bends/turns and ends. These stops are collaborative spaces for interaction, break-out zones, meeting rooms for brainstorming, Conference Room and Cafeteria.

Further, quirky props as seats made of recycled bikes in coffee area, vintage street lights, tyres poufs, road direction signage and traffic lights accentuate the road network experience. A satellite feature model and various graphics talk of the digital services provided by

Monochrome colour scheme with warmth of wood in furniture and transparency of the glass walls characterise the work and professionalism for Director Offices.

Bright colours infused by furniture and graphics about and its people bring in playful energy in office space.

Whether creating workplace environments that inspire collaboration and employee health to commercial office buildings geared toward attracting exceptional tenants, we (Geo Designs) partner with our clients to help them achieve their vision. 

Speaking on the project, Rahul Bhatt, Managing Director, Cherry Hill Interiors Private Ltd. said, “We were very excited and proud to work on the project and created a showcase office in Logistics arena. The office was inspired by its nature of work of the customer, growing networks, Logistics, delivery and digital services that ensures connectivity between their partners to end consumers. This new office is uniquely designed to provide better facilities, encourages employee collaboration to creating a stronger brand presence of the rapidly growing company”.

Cherry Hill Interiors Pvt. Ltd.
Established in 1987, Cherry Hill Interiors is an Occupancy Services Company catering to corporates, hotels, hospitals and Universities. Cherry Hill’s journey has been one of rapid growth – from a start-up firm to a technology and systems-led company with a nation-wide presence, multiple ISO certifications and Credit Ratings (A1).

Cherry Hill Interiors offers comprehensive fit-out solutions that covers HVAC, Networking, Access Control, CCTV, UPS, PAC, BMS, Lighting Control, Audio-video systems, FA-PA, Security systems, Flooring, Precision Air-conditioning, Electricals, Plumbing and Fire-fighting.

Fact file
Project Name: Express
Location: Gurgaon
Client: Express
Design Team: GEO DESIGNS
Commencement Date: 25-April-2018
Completion Date: 10-Aug-2018
Area: 25,000 SQ FT

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