Grandeur Brings Amalfi Full Kitchens to India

Inspired by the credo of ‘less is more’, the clean designs fit unobtrusively into the plan while enhancing the decor with a modern look

brings to India the Amalfi Full range by Italy’s premier kitchen brand Del Tongo, created to introduce a new design paradigm to kitchen spaces.  Designed by Centro Ricerca e Sviluppo at Del Tongo, the Amalfi Full range is a tribute to Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy of “less is more”, with its neat, clean and straight-line character on the outside. On the inside, it provides wide, functional spaces as great storage options.        

The specialty of the range is the straight-line aluminium groove built into the head of the door, which completes the linear design while maintaining the functionality of a handle. Available in natural aluminium, burnished aluminium, or lacquered in the same colour as the doors, the handles are fully customizable, intrinsically integrating with the overall design. In many models, countertop surfaces can be detached and moved around to form dining tables or additional worktops. These multi-purpose fittings add to the heightened functionality of the kitchen space.

Amalfi Full is the new version of the highest-selling model by DelTongo. Space is never a constraint with Amalfi Full, which is built on the foundation of intelligent design. The range also offers double-height loft units for creating customizable lofts to create even more storage space. This can be fitted with an unobtrusive ladder that slides along a track, making the topmost storage easily accessible. When not in use, it can be set up vertically to occupy the least amount of space.

Amalfi Full’s elegance lies in concealing its smart solutions in its linearity so that the contemporary look is not hindered by other design elements. As an option, one can have the kitchen appliances and the countertop on the island merged into the design.

Del Tongo products are available exclusively at Grandeur showrooms across India.

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