Grafdoer launches new ceiling shower with Chromo Therapy

Grafdoer has launched new ceiling shower with Chromo Therapy (SO 454503) which enhances bathing experience. The product showers in three different ways-Mist, Rain and Waterfall. The product comes with an in-built LED system offering variety of colored lights. It comes with a controller in which one can adjust the colours while taking a shower. According to press release, it is operated effortlessly with an efficient transformer which manages the fed to the LED and touch panel controls the cycle of colours. The diverter manages the flow and the type of flow.

Commenting on the launch, Sachin jain, Director (Sales), Grafdoer, said, “Grafdoer has always believes in providing the best quality that are genuine, long-lasting and in reach for the common man. Our main objective is to provide to our customers a worry-free experience by making exemplary products, Ceiling Shower with Chromo Therapy (SO 454503) is one of our best offerings for the Indian market.” The price for Ceiling Shower with Chromo Therapy (SO 454503) is INR 65000/- and it is available on the company’s website and at all Grafdoer showroom.

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