UDD to publish final plans for MMR, NAINA, after monsoon

The Urban Development Department will publish the final approved plans for the Mumbai metropolitan region, in , the MSRDC for the area along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway along with the Unified Development Control Regulations for Maharashtra state except for the city. The plans are to be published immediately after the monsoon session, said State Urban Development officials. The government wants to do it before the state assembly elections, said the officials.

Citizens are demanding that the government should publish the report of the on the objections and suggestions raised by the public so that there is transparency and they know if the concerns raised are addressed or not.

“Objections were raised to the government proposing industries in green zones in the metropolitan regional plan. The entire green belt will become brown if it is approved,” Pankaj Joshi, Architect & Executive Director, , said.

Activist Manuel Tuscano from Vasai-Virar said they objected to the extension of the coastal road from Malad to Mira-Bhayandar and the destruction of the green zone. “We are against unfettered development,” Tuscano added.

The (NAINA) is among the areas affected by the final plans

Source: The Times of India

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