Faber launches 3 in 1 Aerostation Chimney

A leader in innovative , is launching 3 in 1 that has a , a fan and an Air Purifier as well. The hood comes with fan and air purification technology.

Speaking about the Launch, Puneet Gupta, Managing Director, Faber says “With growing air pollution & increase in the risk of health hazards it is important to use something which keeps you and your loved one healthy & your kitchen pollution free. Faber’s 3 in 1 Hood with Aerostation technology is one of its kinds and has been designed especially for you to help you to breathe pure and to make you love your kitchen.”

Aerostation will also be launched in 2 new finishes – Alligator Black & Antique Silver, it has soft touch controls and also has 3 kinds of air Filter in it that help to remove dirt particles, such as dust, smoke pollen & dirt from the air. The Ad campaign is slate to go on air during the IPL season 2019.

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