Staffordshire University: Competition for Indian art & design students​

Staffordshire University: Competition for Indian art & design students​


Wallpaper, based at UK-based , invites entries for its Wallpaper Design Industry Brief based on

High House, a wallpaper enterprise initiative based at UK-based Staffordshire University, has announced the ‘Wallpaper Design Industry Brief based on Indian Cultural Heritage’ for which participation is invited from Indian art and design students.

This live industry brief will draw upon Indian cultural heritage to inspire a High House Indian heritage range of wallpapers for the contemporary market. Through this brief, the brand is seeking wallpaper designs that are quirky, beautiful, unusual and original and are inspired by Indian cultural heritage while being current and forward-looking. Successfully selected designs will be up for commercial production through crowd funding and will be produced under the High House company name. The first deadline, for short listing, is March 30, 2016.

High House is based in the Faculty of Arts, Media and Design at Staffordshire University and is led by staff with expertise in wallpaper history and surface pattern design. High House designs are known to relate to historic interiors, but they are not retro-styled. The collections usually include ideas that push the boundaries and challenge the viewer. For the industry brief submissions also, participants are expected to include designs that are somehow unexpected or different. The wallpaper design should be made keeping in mind the target audience who is from modest to high disposable income group, has some insights into good design and looks for designs that make a statement, are of high quality but that they can also live with.

The Wallpaper Design Industry Brief based on Indian Cultural Heritage illustrates very well how courses and design are directly linked to industry. Staffordshire University’s Masters Students will be managing the process, and the successful designs will follow a journey that is typical for those working in the design sector. Successful designs will be promoted for commercial production through a crowd funding platform. Indian art and design students participating in this industry brief will experience the potential of having their designs produced as wallpaper. Typically, surface pattern designers never know what happens to their designs; they are sold and used as the buyer chooses. In this case, those who are successful will be involved in a campaign to bring the designs to production. Best designers will benefit from interaction with Staffordshire University tutors and Masters Students, promotions of designs for wallpaper production through crowd funding, publicity of successful designers and their designs as well as portfolio content for personal development and progression.

A participant may submit up to 5 designs. The design must have an underpinning story illustrating their inspiration and the journey that the designer took to create them. All submissions must be commercial in a contemporary sense. Since the selected designs will be produced digitally, a range of colours can be included and the designer is not restricted by the requirements of traditional engraved-roller manufactured paper.

The submission must demonstrate design attributes like originality, quirky individuality, be out of context and/or juxtaposed, be edgy and thought provoking as well as have a confident use of colour and excellent draftsmanship/illustrative/drawing skills. It should also demonstrate certain story attributes like Indian cultural heritage informing design ideas, the designer’s journey to the designs generated, justification for choices in relation to target audience as well as references contextualising the designs in both Indian culture and the international market. The technical requirements of the submissions include an original work that is hand-drawn and coloured or digitally produced, the pattern repeat’s ability to fit across the typical wallpaper of 52 cm width, suitability of the pattern drop to domestic use and the submission of the design to be in a JPEG format of at least 300 dpi resolution.

The submitted entry must have the participant’s full name, Email ID, the design(s), an indication of how the repeat should work across the width and the drop, the story behind the designs as well as a description of the target market, in 4 bullet points, in line with the brief requirements.

The deadline for the first stage of the India Collection brief, when designs will be shortlisted, is March 30, 2016. Interested candidates will have to register to receive the details on how to submit designs. The participant may register as an individual, or through a tutor as a class or student group. Once registered, further instructions will be sent to the participant on where to upload the designs and the story behind them.

The full brief, and details of how to submit the designs, can be found on the High House Wallpapers website: