Dovetail Partners joins 2016 Midwest Wood Solutions Fair

Dovetail Partners joins 2016 Midwest Wood Solutions Fair


, a Minneapolis-based environmental think tank, will present at the 2 in Minneapolis (at the Minneapolis Convention Center), Minnesota on March 23. Wood Solutions Fairs are hosted by WoodWorks across various regions of the U.S. to provide information and insights on the use of wood in non-residential and multi-family buildings. There is no registration fee for the one-day event, walk-ins are welcome, and continuing education credits are available.

Jim Bowyer, Dovetail’s Program Director for Responsible Materials, will present a seminar titled “Carbon Implications of Construction Material Selection”. This presentation will focus on the objective of minimising carbon emissions associated with building construction and operation. The carbon implications of building material selection will be examined, using examples of real world projects and material comparisons to illustrate the extent to which a building’s carbon footprint is influenced by the construction materials used. Emissions linked to buildings will be discussed in the larger context of carbon and climate, with consideration of the current vs. historical situation, tools for assessing carbon liberation, carbon equivalency, fossil vs. atmospheric carbon, CO2sequestration, and implications of potential carbon regulation for materials selection and building design.

The seminar will be presented twice, during morning and afternoon sessions. The Fair is free to attend and geared towards architects, engineers, developers, code officials and anyone with an interest in design possibilities for wood in the built environment.