Creative and relaxing collection by brings out her artistic craftsmanship that transmutes contrasting material and technology that will turn out to be the pride of one’s living space

Fenny Ganatra

Fenny Ganatra

Bounce Collection
Made by reinventing and simplifying every aspect of seating, the bounce collection intuitively gives relaxation a new avatar – lean, light & pro-responsive.
The Bounce chairs are minimal, but compelling due to its intriguing function. It is when you sit that all the elements come together to leave a feeling of levitation. It’s not only great fun to sit-on but also ventilates and supports your body, making it comfortable to sit-on for longer hours. Give it a nudge and the elasticity of the makes it easy to get out too.

Bounce – Uno
Body Colours : black, white & transparent
Knit Colours : black, white, red, blue & green
Price : INR 40,800
Materials : Poly Carbonate & silicone
Features : weatherproof, stackable, weight limit 150kgs

Bounce – Splint
Body Colours : black & white
Knit Colours : black, white, red, blue & green
Price : INR 30,100
Materials : Mild Steel & silicone
Features : weatherproof, flat-packed, weight limit 150kgs

The Frozen collection will include exquisite and timeless assortments of handcrafted products with an added personalized service for customization. ‘Forzen’ was debuted at Maison et Objet, Paris, 2013.
Though the form looks natural, be rest assured, each curve & bend is individually designed to look good together. All the pieces are handcrafted in India as per the designs and then coated with Corian (like) material to give a monogamous look. The intent finally is to have functional art to enhance the look of a space.
Made to Order at INR 4,00,000 for a 9 seater dining table.

About the Designer
Fenny Ganatra and her debut product ‘Bounce’, both received international coverage and acclaim, led to founding of the brand Fenny G.
Being the ‘Master Designer’, Fenny Ganatra inspires the design principles of the products developed under this brand i.e., to explore various materials and technologies and to create eccentric products. “I think design is a judicious mix of form, function and technology that enhances the experience of users” explains Fenny Ganatra.
Fenny G currently has two collections – Bounce & Frozen – under which she herself has designed a few products.

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