The diverse entity of nature always takes us on a surprising stroll. The very essence of its existence forms a vivid living grammar. Architect and designer, Avni Sejpal is one among the lot who identifies this intriguing notion of nature to give us, what we call – nature-centric design morphology

The were specially commissioned by Red Architects for the stores at the international airport terminal T2, Mumbai to create a sculptural statement for the space.

The lights are based on the Fin Cloud series and are a sculptural take on . The idea was based on a sea creature that would take over the ceiling in an organic yet elegant and monolithic in composition. is special to us since it’s the most recognized balanced form found in nature. The concept is furthered by replicating and arraying fin modules around the central spine of the structure. The ethereal light sculpture generated is reminiscent of scaly marine creatures such as sea anemone and jellyfishes displaying forms that have a physical and mathematical basis. The evolved light structures are biological analogues of these creatures, mimicking their bilateral geometries, not only by reflection but also by rotation of repeated elements. The brass metal fins are first cut, folded and then linked meticulously piece by piece creating a slightly irregular organic sculpture that radiates an ethereal ambient light. The lights have an organic character based on simple classic balanced structures. The fin textures create a scintillating light sculpture even when they are not lit. Light permeates from behind the fins resulting in a luminous ambient light character. The design involves integrating material integrity and longevity using basic construction principles and applications to find new means of expression. With references to strong geometrical construction principles, the entire collection is handmade, borrowing from the legacy of rich Indian handicrafts.

The production of these is a series of manual processes which can involve as many as one thousand hand cut, hand polished pieces of brass and hundreds of hours of craftsmanship working with and finishing the brass the work is completed.

About the Designer
Avni Sejpal is a Mumbai-based architect and designer dedicated to experimental research in design through a deep investigation of materials and structure; in pursuit of sustainable manufacturing solutions.
She holds a degree in Architecture from KRVIA, Mumbai and an MA in Environmental Design (Majors in Furniture, Public Art and Graphics) from the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.
Studio Avni (founded in 2011), spearheaded by Avni Sejpal, is a multi disciplinary creative studio that focuses on design and production of bespoke lighting, textiles, statement furniture, installation environments and objet d’art.
Her meteoric career earned a reputation for design excellence, winning industry awards and gaining coverage in a host of prestigious publications and books such as Architecture Digest, Elle Decor, Casa & Giordano, Surface Asia and Colleczioni, to name a few.

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