CSE discusses policies and politics involved in ‘green’ rating systems

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) organised a conference on Green Architecture and Energy-efficient design in Pune. The conference was marked by architects, builders, regulators and civil society groups.

The conference kicked-off by throwing light on the country’s future needs on infrastructure and resources along with several unanswered/ignored questions on government’s ageold/irrational policies and regulations. Here are the highlights of the discussion which left the audience with a food for thought.

.CSE review has exposed the shocking fact that several state governments across the country are giving sops of extra free built up area to developers to get their green rated without independent official oversight on their operations
· This is dangerous as CSE review has exposed several green rated across the country are underperforming and guzzling more energy
· Cities of Maharasthra are however doing this differently and better. Instead of giving or extra built up area to developers as an incentive it is giving tax concession that can be withdrawn if needed. But this needs to be linked with the actual performance of buildings and penalty for underperforming
· CSE asks: Why should only a few green rated buildings enjoy official incentives for meeting the minimum green measures that all buildings must implement? Why should sops continue if buildings do not perform
· CSE sugguests to take steps to link incentives only to drive top line of performance and not incremental improvement. Monitor and disclose actual performance of buildings for proper scrutiny
.CSE urges for holistic green norms to avoid unintended consequences

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