CMC introduces the New Quadra Products for Kitchen Applications

Classic Marble Company () has introduced two new products from its collection for . The porcelain slab products – and are large-format slim designs in shades of grey which are an ideal colour choice in applications for kitchen décor. As seen in the image, is installed as the and Sandstone Grigio has been used for . The Quartz Noir being a full body polished slab has the advantage of displaying a consistent design from the surface to its edges making the installation appear seamless even at corner joints. Whereas, Sandstone Grigio, a matt finish product is just right for kitchen as it does not reflect any light.

Quadra collection consists of a range of 20 products in various colours and patterns suited for a variety of applications. The Quadra’s homogeneous body design product is a perfect choice for kitchen countertops that may have noticeable edges. The cross-section of Quadra slabs has the same design as does its surface. This allows the slab to be cut and polished while extending the design even at its edges.

CMC’s Quartz installation-Quartz Noir kitchen top and Sandstone Grigio flooring

The , extra-large format Quadra surfaces are evenly textured, non-porous, and resistant to chemicals, scratching and fire, satisfying all the primary requirements for a functional kitchen top and for flooring. Made using , sustainable material, the slabs are extremely strong, durable and are low on maintenance.

Company: Classic Marble Company

Brand: Quadra

Product: Quartz Noir & Sandstone Grigio

Specs: 3200 x 1600mm & 3000 x 1500mm

Thickness: 12mm

Price: On request

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