Mili, Avdhesh, Canna and Sonal_the brains behind Y Not exhibition – As the name indicates, the design of Y Not products narrates unusual design paradigms – remoulding the existing objects and extending its sole purpose to one that has aesthetically multi dimensional functions.

Y Not is an initiative by the designers and staff of to bring in a change in the perceptions about designing unconventional things using everyday/discarded objects while adding a touch of panache to bring the objects to life.

The products are ingeniously weaved to bring in the charisma of Indian traditional art on contemporary lines. Y Not’s aesthetically and functionally innovative products not only accentuate the space but also reflect the nitty-gritty of interior designing.

Y Not was envisaged by a team of 4 senior architects & designers: Canna Patel, Milli Amin, Sonal Patel and Avdhesh Vishwakarma, who, in their spare time, aspire to create out of the box products rooted in the Indian context.
Marching towards a contemporary outlook in lifestyle design and in awe with the western culture, our Indian ethos has been diluted over a sustained period of time.

The designers of Y Not, understanding the ethos instilled in the Indian textile and handicrafts segments, visualised a unique look for decor that upholds Indian elements. And thereby crafted a product that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, holding a charm of timelessness – perceived across generations, social status and economic strata of the country.

The products are designed with simple elements of fun and surprise that leaves one wondering
Y Not?

About the Firm
HCP Interior Architecture Pvt. Ltd (HCPIA), established in May 2006, is an Interior & Architecture firm based in Ahmedabad. HCPIA is headed by Ar. Canna Patel who has over 26 years of professional experience. Over the years she has carried out more than 300 projects for clients all over India.
Focus on detailing and integration of art in interiors and architecture are trademarks of their work. The combination in many ways synthesises a fine sensitivity to Indian climate, social norms, cultural values and aspirations reflecting contemporary India.
The firm offers services in Interior Design, Architecture Design, Space Planning and Project Management. Their works have been published in widely read and recognised magazines and journals in India and abroad.

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