Alankaram unveils Hand Painted Furniture Collection

, a manufacturer of customisable designer wooden furniture based at New Delhi, recently revealed its collection consisting of center tables, side tables and lounge chairs, each inspired by nature, with conscious selection of colours to complement existing colour scheme. ‘Puoli Chair’ defines the concept of this furniture collection and is inspired by the dramatic conflict between the calmness of lotus blossoms in a lake and the fiery red setting sun. This chair has its own story; the painted elements encompass the whole chair to ensure that the artwork appears as an inherent part of the design and not just a mere patchwork.

Puoli chair

Ar. Anupriya Sahu, lead designer and partner at Alankaram says, “These forms have such an incredible ability to capture emotions and human nature which is why we wanted to use them in our furniture items. Using bold and vibrant colours will certainly uplift your mood and spread good vibes in the space.”

Design Team at Alankaram offers customisation of concepts or inspirations which can be added in the furniture items. This gives Architects, Interior designers and individuals a unique opportunity to customise the décor as per their design theme and add a timeless style statement to their projects. Alankaram has overall 900+ collections offering indoor and outdoor products for office and home in 150+ successful projects where designs have been poured from to and to , 100+ artisans to perform on more than 10 kinds of woods to bring design to life without compromising quality, strength and aesthetics.

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