Air Purifiers: A necessity and not a choice anymore

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Rajiv Kumar, CEO & Founder,

Air pollution is one amongst the top 10 health risks faced by mankind globally. In recent years, air pollution levels in India have gone up dangerously and they are posing serious health risks. Both natural human factors like vehicle emission, traffic congestion, burning fuel wood/biomass, population all contribute to rising pollution levels. Air pollution is not only limited to metros like Delhi but, smaller cities are also topping the chart as most polluted places in India. The latest reports on pollution have made various government agencies take note and plan various methods to improve air quality.

1st graphImproving the overall outdoor air quality would take lots of effort and measures but improving indoor air quality is much easier. The awareness about improving air quality around us has made many to opt for air purifier products. To prevent air quality related health issues many of us are opting for latest air purifiers that filter out pollutants significantly. But many of us are not much knowledgeable about the various specifications that could help choose a good product.

2nd graphThe driving factors are:

Need: First thing to consider when you are planning to buy online air purifier in India is why you need it. Are you allergic and living in one of the top polluted cities? Suffering from some respiratory disorder? Do you have any symptoms that are triggered by pollen, odour or chemical pollutants? If you answer any or all in affirmative you should go for HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air filters) filters that eliminate 99.97% of airborne allergens (sized 0.3 microns or larger). Along with HEPA, the latest air purifiers in market have features like PCO (photo-catalytic oxidation using UV) carbon filter that neutralises dust, pollen, smoke, odour, bacteria, virus, various micro-organisms and toxic gases.

Size: Choosing the right size of air purifier for a given area is very easy. All you needs is the square footage of the room that is being considered. Then search for air purifier products in India that provide coverage for the area you have calculated. You should also consider the ACH (Air change per hour) which tells the number of times the whole air in the given room is filtered by the purifier. ACH 4 is good for thoroughly cleaning a room as within an hour the air is filtered 4 times ensuring completely clean air.

3rd graphFeatures: Next thing to check is the features that make the product easier to handle and fit your needs. Added features like remote control, digital controls/displays, wheels for easy mobility, various fan speeds, filter change indicator, timers, air quality sensors and many more add to your comfort and convenience. They also allow you to control your purifier’s performance as per your specific need.

Location: When you buy online air purifier for first time your biggest concern is which room to place it in? Most users try to maximise the benefits by using it in bedroom. However if you buy a unit that is movable you can use it in other rooms as and when needed. Based on the performance and experience you can later on add additional units for other rooms or even opt for a bigger unit suitable for whole house or office.

Maintenance:  Various filters of the purifier should be replaced as per the recommendations of the manufacturer. The HEPA filters of air purifier products in India might last 1 year, carbon filter 6 months and pre filter (if added) might last up to 3 months. These replacements and their cost should be considered before purchasing. A manufacturer who offers longer replacement period should be the ideal candidate for your purchase.

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His entrepreneurial spirit provoked him to leave his lucrative job in USA in order to start something of his own. The idea of providing Solar products through a dedicated E-Commerce platform for the Individuals made him start his own venture – SolarHippo.

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